Anna G Arte: Welcoming Wonderful Watercolors – ZO Magazine

Anna G Arte: Welcoming Wonderful Watercolors – ZO Magazine
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Interview for ZenArtSupplies.

The Engagement Portrait

Watercolor Painting from Photo

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Custom Wedding Watercolour Portrait from Photo


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Finding your Own Art Style

“A bluebell wood” quick watercolour demonstration

“The Bird of Paradise Flower” Watercolour Painting Tutorial

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Behind the scenes

Working on practical demonstrations, explaining essential watercolour techniques, using “Zen Art Supplies” brushes.

Hope to share with you soon the results of these challenging for me (especially from technical point of view), but exiting experiments.

See you soon!

Anna G.

Those who know their own lifestyle never get bored

Dali Lama once said, that successful meditation did not require anything special.

The place did not matter.

The equipment was irrelevant.

Whether one was to find a quiet space was not of concern.

All that was required for effective meditation, he said, was the willingness to take a few moments to focus as best you could on the task.

I’d say, that these words are perfectly suitable to painting.

Of course, beautiful surroundings and comfortable studio could be very helpful, but what is really important is to take time, concentrate on your art and practice.

Don’t be focused on perfection, work for progress in small daily steps. Breath, smile and enjoy!

Painting is a kind of meditation 😊🎨🧘🏻‍♀️❤️


  • Anna G.
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  • Framing your Watercolor

    A Watercolor Painting isn’t really done until it’s framed.

    The proper matting and frame can preserve and protect a watercolor and show off it in a best way.

    Every frame should be handsome by itself, but remain as a complementary backdrop to the painting.

    When it’s possible, it’s always a good idea to order a custom frame made by the artisan framer.

    The one from my photo is done by Ciro Scala “Scala” in Torre del Greco (Via Nazionale 32-Torre del Greco- NA) but you should seek out the best framer close to your home.

    The mat that goes around your watercolor should be white, cream white, or a very light, neutral colour, such as beige or light gray.

    The frame should be simple or non-distracting from the painting.

    The width of the frame should be different than the width of the mat and well balanced ( here an expert framer’s advice will be very helpful).

    As most watercolors are done on paper, they must be framed under glass. It’s the reason the paintings are usually shipped unframed, without heavy and fragile frames.

    I’d advice plexiglas frames because the plastic can damage the art over a long period of time.

    If you would like commission portrait in Watercolor for you or your friends, come to visit my Etsy Shop.

    I am always happy to receive your feedbacks and photos. Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Anna G.